Taigene organizes voluntary blood donation activities


In order to actively respond to the initiative of Fujian Provincial blood center on free blood donation, alleviate the tension of blood use in summer and save more patients' lives. Carry forward the spirit of voluntary service and selfless dedication, and make contributions to the construction of a blessed state and a happy city. On August 5, 2022, Taigene organized a voluntary blood donation activity.      On the day of the event, Taigene personnel actively cooperated with the provincial blood center to prepare for on-site collection and other work. At 9 a.m., the medical staff in the hall on the first floor of the phase plant were ready, and the staff who donated blood lined up. Under the guidance of medical staff, the staff filled out the forms in an orderly manner, accepted health consultation, body temperature testing, preliminary screening tests, stretched out their arms and donated hot blood.

      Finally, in this free blood donation activity, a total of 22 people from Taigene successfully donated blood, igniting the hope of life for patients who urgently need blood transfusion treatment,. All employees of Taigene feel honored to be able to contribute their blood to the society and give back to the society in this way!

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