Wuyi University went to Taigene to carry out the special action of "visiting ent


       On the afternoon of June 30, a group of three people, including Lu Daoming, Dean of the school of mechanical and electrical engineering of Wuyi University, pan Yinghui, Deputy Dean, and Li Ruiqi, teacher, went to Fuzhou Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. to carry out the special activity of "visiting enterprises, expanding posts and promoting employment". Huang Junbin, general manager of Fuzhou Taigene , Wei Dan, deputy manager of human resources, and Shen Meiyun, head of human resources, attended the visit.

       During the visit, led by manufacturing director wanghuakun, President Lu of Wuyi University and his delegation visited the EPS motor manufacturing workshop, and had an in-depth understanding of the production process, assembly process and operation of automation equipment of EPS permanent magnet brushless motor in Taigene.

       Then the two sides officially entered the symposium. President Lu introduced in detail the learning competition of three students in the "Taigene class" of Wuyi University, as well as the discipline construction and talent training of the College of mechanical and electrical engineering. General manager huang made a detailed introduction to the current situation of technical posts in the enterprise, the future development plan of the company and students' internship in the enterprise. Finally, the two sides also reached cooperation intentions on promoting collaborative education between schools and enterprises, the connection between supply and demand of graduates' employment, and tackling key technical projects.

       In the future,Taigene will take this opportunity to strive to create high-quality and highly skilled technical personnel, and constantly cultivate, develop and build a stable high skilled team.

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