Fuzhou Taigene won the NSK Excellent Quality Award in 2021


       On July 1,2022, Taigene received the "Excellent Quality Award" trophy and "commendation form" from NSK for the first time, thanking NSK for its recognition of Taigene's efforts.

       In 2018, Taigene began to become a supplier of NSK; In 2019, the first production line of NSK motor was put into production smoothly. Today, Taigene has provided EPS motor products for NSK for more than 3 years, and the product quality has finally been recognized by customers.Reviewing it throughout 2021, Taigene maintained a quality score of 100 points per month, and finally ranked among the top of NSK clients.In addition to ensuring the product quality to customers, Taigene has always been adhering to the service concept of "customer first, service first", actively cooperate with customers to release new products, take the customer audit seriously, and meet the reasonable requirements of customers.

       With customers as the center, innovation and change as the fulcrum, quality as the lever, integrity as the energy source, safety and environmental protection production as the premise, Taigene wholeheartedly provides customers with better service and better product quality.

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