Taigene Basketball Club participated in the basketball game organized by Qingko


       On May 27th, the trade union of Qingkou Town Park of Minhou County organized Taigene, Mercedes-Benz, Liuhe, Taiya and other companies to hold the first review meeting of this year's Qingkou basketball match.

       Park trade union chairman Lin put forward at the meeting: 16 companies to form a basketball team, in the form of group draw after the group knockout, each unit registration in 12-15 people, basketball league articles of association, please formulate relevant personnel, venue arrangement in green stadium, the specific time to release after the overall plan, plan after July 1, combined with the party construction as an opportunity to organize the game.At the same time, the representative of the basketball association proposed that the most important thing in the game is the qualification of each unit, and it is strictly prohibited to hire foreign aid for ranking.

       The meeting also mentioned the safety of basketball games and the arrangement of competition facilities and equipment. In addition, the labor union of the management committee park can issue certificates to Qingkou companies for discount the rental fees of Qingkou Stadium, so as to facilitate the basketball training of each company.

       Since the end of the meeting, the Taigene basketball club has been playing friendly matches with the basketball teams around Qingkou, expect to continue to keep basketball passion and feel until the official game, now has been with Liuhe, Boyuanli, Qingkou police station competitionnow,  there is another friendly match with Fuxiang on June 23, let's look forward to tai all basketball club performance in the official game.

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