Welcome mechanical students from Fujian agriculture and Forestry University to o


       From June 15 to 16, 2022, a delegation of 200 freshmen majoring in machinery manufacturing and automation led by Professor Tang of the Department of machinery of Fujian agriculture and Forestry University went to Fuzhou Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. for a two-day cognitive practice exchange.

       It is reported that in 2020, our company has reached school enterprise cooperation with the College of mechanical and electrical engineering of Fujian agriculture and Forestry University. From the freshmen 'enterprise cognition practice, to the scientific research project cooperation discussion with the mechanical professors, to the job arrangement of the graduates, Taigene and the agriculture and Forestry University promote the diversified school enterprise cooperation mode from all aspects, deepen the foundation of production, teaching and research cooperation, and realize the combination of production and learning.

       The students' cognitive practice of Fujian agriculture and forestry university mainly visited the production and processing workshop and assembly workshop of Thai all industry EPS power steering motor and automobile air conditioning piping. Wang Huakun, director of Taigene industry, and other manufacturing supervisors introduced the production, processing and assembly processes of the products respectively. Led the students to see the spacious workshop, modern equipment, the operation of automatic manipulator and the application of high technology, and recognized the whole process from parts to assembly.

       The cognition practice between Fuzhou Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. and mechanical students of Fujian agriculture and Forestry University was successfully completed. It is hoped that the two-day cognitive practice will bring students different knowledge from the textbooks. Taigene industry will also actively cooperate with the school to provide students with a high-quality practice platform and enhance their practical ability.

       In the future, Taigene industry will also continue to strengthen technical strategic cooperation with Fujian agriculture and Forestry University, so that teaching, scientific research, talent training and production technology can be organically combined to play a greater role. The two sides will make joint efforts to further explore cooperation in running schools, education, employment and development, and jointly cultivate talents needed for economic and social development!

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