The first benefit of the Taigene whole Spring Festival welfare in 2022


       The annual Spring Festival is coming, thanks to all the colleagues of the company for their hard work in 2021, on January 12,2022, Taigene prepared the Spring Festival shopping card for all colleagues. According to the length of service, the gift card value is 200-600 yuan, for new employees less than three months, a gift card of 100 yuan is also prepared.

       At the same time, this year's management department has also specially prepared the Taigene commemorative badge for every colleague.The overall badge is the red color and logo of Taigene LOGO, expressing its positive and optimistic spirit. The surrounding wheat ears hope that Taigene and colleagues of the company have a full harvest, and 2004 is the year Fuzhou Taigene Industry Co., Ltd. was established.

       Thank you again to all colleagues for your efforts in 2021, in 2022, we will work together.

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